Don't mess with the cloud,
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You focus on the user experience, and we worry about the rest. is a social platform that is built for scale.

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What is is a social "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) that delivers the backend for social applications on any device or platform. Fully JSON api driven with endpoints to post, love, share and build relationships. All this at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build. Since we’re cloud based, scale isn't a problem.

Who is it for?

Our platform was made for the developer who wants to build the next social sensation. Or the brand that wants to increase their social awareness. Using our api's you could easily build the next Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook. The best thing is we've done all the hard work for you, so you can focus on the user experience.

Why developers love us! is built for scale utilizing Python, Redis, and Mongodb. We are platform agnostic too. Want to build for the web, iOS, Android, Xbox? Go ahead cause our platform will drive them all. Client libraries are the key to our success and have many in our pipeline for many platforms. All our API's are Oauth2 authenticated, which allows 3rd party developers to extend your platform securely.

User Retention

With our analytics suite we provide you with real time user retention displayed in a simple to read cohort chart. Our charts are able to show you who has shared a particular activity together during a particular time span, for instance you can see what percentage of users that are active and also post a comment across a span of time. This is something extremely useful and some analytic companies would charge thousands for; provides this all for free.


Since we use Oauth2 authentication it makes security and login a snap. Once logged in we return a security token that you then pass into the HTTP headers and all the permissions logic is in place. No need to worry about if user X can see user Y because we already figured that out for you. Plus 3rd party developers can actually extend your apps functionality with tokens and keys assigned to them.


We are a cloud based service built for scale. Utilizing things like Python, Redis, and MongoDB we are able to scale on the fly and handle the next time you get on Hacker News or when your app hits the top of the charts in the App Store. Our stack runs across two continents and has two zones in the US on the east and west coast. Our social graph across apps on our platform help build connections based on interest and discovery of new people and finding old friends.


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Admin and mods will be able to access all API's. Users will only be able to access and modify their own content no matter what permissions are choosen also relationship restrictions will apply.

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